Below are a few of our clients and their thoughts!  If you have any questions regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



“I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy on August 12 with the aid and assistance if Whitney Jones. Whitney was truly a Godsend! I was new to the area, uninsured, in my last trimester and attempting a VBAC2c in a VERY UNSUPPORTING area! With all that said Whitney was still excited to take me on. She was very informative, supportive and felt more like a friend in that very trying time. Once I went into labor, Whitney dropped everything and came to my rescue before my husband could even get to me! Her methods of pain management helped me during the most intense moments. She was right there when I needed her and sat back and let my husband and I power through together in the times where that was best. I am so very thankful for EVERYTHING Whitney did for me and my family. if your looking for an honest, open minded, trustworthy, knowledgable, compassionate, reliable (i can go on and on) Doula, look no further…Whitney Jones is the best!”

–  Shana Burnette-Jackson – 9/24/2014


“Working with Whitney was a wonderful experience! She was easily accessible to answer questions whenever I needed her while I was pregnant. She kept in constant contact with me and we met multiple times before my daughter’s birth to touch base and work on the birth plan. She provided support during my labor/delivery by assisting myself and my husband with positioning, providing encouragement, and reminding us of our wishes when we were too preoccupied to remember! Whitney even came over with a homecooked meal after we got home to check on us which was a wonderful surprise!! Both my husband and I felt extremely comfortable with her and were glad to have her as a resource and an extra hand throughout the process. ”

-Rebecca Wyman – 7/3/2014

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! My husband had recently deployed when I started my search for a Doula threw Operation Special Delivery. I came upon Whitney threw this site but was very impressed that she kept her information up to date unlike so many others that I had found from this site. I then contacted Whitney and set up a meeting in a public place. She was very professional and equipped with her testimonial of what and how she would serve you in your birthing process. When I went into, what I thought was, labor she was right there by my side helping me through every step. My plan was to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital and that is exactly what I did with her help. She had many techniques on how to relieve pressure and pain. Then when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore we headed to the hospital where we spent the next 4 hours just to be sent home. Later that afternoon my water broke and the real labor had set in. I called Whitney to let her know and she was at my house within 20 minutes and we were once again off to the hospital. She never left my side threw the whole process and was always giving encouraging words to help during the labor process. Once my baby was born, Whitney offered to take pictures for me which was great considering my husband and family couldn’t be at the birth. She also helped me with breastfeeding and called to check on me daily. After it was all said and done and I had been home for a few days, she came to my house for a post-partum visit. Whitney went above and beyond for this visit by bringing me dinner and desert. She sat down with me and answered all of my questions and concerns I had to the best to her ability. Whitney, being a wife and mother of 3 small children, is truly amazing and compassionate in what she does and has to offer being a Doula. If I am ever blessed with another child I will be asking Whitney to be my Doula again!”

          -Rachael Crum – 6/10/2014


“Updating to tell everyone how AMAZING Whitney was at my birth. When I found out I was pregnant I knew for a fact I would have a Doula…especially since I knew how beneficial a Doula was seeing as I am one too. I chose to meet with Whitney because I knew she would support my need for a strong female presence as well as someone who was not afraid to pray and have Christian music playing during my labor. Over the course of my pregnancy we became friends and met quite a few times. Each time it was like having coffee with my best friend. When my birth turned from a home birth to high risk hospital birth in the third trimester Whitney was there to support me and help me keep my feet firm on the ground when the doctors rocked the boat with me. She supported me 100% in how I felt and validated every feeling I had. When it came time for labor she trusted my instance and came over in early labor. She. we got to the hospital she was there to laugh with me when I was still in early labor and help center me and calm me when transition hit. Everything she did was done at the perfect moment and was everything I needed. My husband and I talk often about the experience we had with Whitney and the Doula who came in for training and how having both of them made the experience everything we ever wanted. My husband says he will never have me give birth without a Doula ever again. We were sad when we learned Whitney moved back home but are happy that she can help educate and support people in her area now smile emoticon she is worth every penny! heart emoticon and miss you Whitney!”

-Michelle Collins – 2014